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How to Join

Sandollars is a social club with limited membership of 150 members.  As applications are submitted they will be reviewed, prioritized in order of submission, and placed on our pending list for consideration as vacancies become available.
1.      You are required to attend two out of three consecutive monthly business meetings/luncheons, as a paying guest, before applying for membership. This will enable you to have a better understanding of the Sandollars objectives and to meet our members before you make a final decision to join.
2.      You are required to have a sponsorship by one Sandollar member in good standing. (NOTE: Sandollars’ Members in good standing are allowed to sponsor no more than two new members per year. New members must be active for one year before becoming a sponsor).
3.      After you have met requirements 1 and 2, please introduce yourself to the Membership Chairperson at a luncheon meeting and instructions on how to register will be given to you. 
4.      The registration procedure is located on our Website at www.sandollarsofnaples.com. The REGISTER button is located on the Home page at the upper left. This will serve as the on-line completion of your application for membership in our Club. Please be sure to complete all sections and click on SUBMIT at the bottom. (NOTE: for birthdate – enter only Month and day)
5.      Your application will be processed at the earliest opportunity and you will be contacted by the Membership Chairperson.  NOTE: When Sandollars has reached its 150-member limit, a wait list will be maintained and you will be notified as soon as a vacancy arises.
1.      An Application Fee of $20.00 must be paid at this time along with a Dues payment prorated for the current year. Please make out TWO separate checks payable to Sandollars of Naples – noting the purpose on each and mail to the Membership Chairperson.
2.      After registration, read the provisions of the Privacy and Protection of Data Agreement, Release, Waiverof Liability & Indemnity Agreement and all of our additional Governing Documents. These forms can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate links. Note: login is not required to access these documents.
3.      After approval by the Board, you will be sent a Welcome letter which will also include the number of prorated monthly luncheons you are required to attend for the rest of the year.
4.      Once approved for membership, you will receive an e-mail from our Website with instructions on how to gain access to our Website using a temporary password. After you have gained access to the website, go to your profile and change your temporary password to your own personal password and click “SAVE”.
5.      You are responsible for verifying, correcting, and maintaining all your personal data on our Website. Click on YOUR PROFILE opposite Login, make the changes and “SAVE”.
6.      Sandollars uses our Website to disseminate all Club related information and business activities. RSVP’s to many of our activities and events are made using the website reservation system. If necessary and at your request, a designated member will be happy to provide assistance to you in adapting to our Website.
7.      You will be introduced as a new member at a Luncheon Meeting and your name tag will be provided at this time. A “gold star” will be placed on your name tag during your first year of membership to easily identify you as a new member to our other members.
8.      You will be required to attend an Orientation meeting for new members.
We look forward to having you join us.
REVISED – May 30, 2017               Sandollars Board of Directors


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